Home about us contact-us our policies our supporters sb info resources services bowel continence the human body is designed to rid itself of waste products. how much does viagra cost to make If we do not rid ourselves of waste material we can become very ill. how much does viagra cost to make The organs which help our body cleanse itself of waste are part of the lower digestive system and are often called the ‘bowels’. viagra online How the bowel system works the bowel consists of the small intestine, the large intestine, the rectum, internal and external anal sphincters and the anal canal. The large intestine (the colon) stores the waste material in liquid form and moves it along towards the rectum by a series of waves and contractions known as peristalsis. Cost difference between viagra viagra While the faeces is in the colon, excess water is removed from it until it forms the consistency of a stool. buy cheap viagra canada The internal anal sphincter located below the rectum, opens automatically when it senses that there are faeces in the rectum. cheap viagra without a prescription Nerves located in the anal canal send a message to the brain that a bowel movement is required. much will viagra cost goes generic When it is convenient the brain tells the external sphincter to relax and the rectum and stomach muscles to contract. viagra cheap online The faeces is then discharged from the body. We usually learn to control this process between the ages of one and three. viagra use women stories The bowel system how spina bifida affects the bowel almost all people born with spina bifida have bowel problems. viagra sale uk As with most of the conditions associated with spina bifida, bowel problems are a result of damaged nerves at the bottom of the spinal cord. do you need a prescription to buy viagra Nerve damage generally affects three areas of the bowel: the external anal sphincter the sensory mechanism which tells the brain that the rectum is full and the muscles which move the faeces along the colon and out of the body. viagra vs viagra 2011 In a normally operating bowel the external sphincter will contract when the rectum is full and hold the faeces in the anal canal. where buy viagra no prescription However, because there is little or no control over the external anal sphincter for a person with spina bifida, faeces can be discharged or flow from the body unexpectedly. where to buy viagra online with no prescription The interrupted nerve supply to the colon also means that the liquid faeces does not progress as quickly through the colon as it normally would. discount generic viagra The longer time spent in the colon leads to more water than usual being extracted from the faeces, turning it into a very hard consistency and leading to constipation. Viagra tablete za zene Even though a person is constipated, the liquid faeces moving into the top of the colon can work its way past the large dry faecal mass and leak out. Costco pharmacy viagra cost This ‘overflow diarrhoea’ makes it appear that the person is not constipated at all. buy viagra in the united states This type of diarrhoea is common for people with spina bifida and when it happens, the person should be checked for constipation. viagra offices canada How bowel continence is managed a high fibr. buy generic viagra how much does viagra cost to make